Basics of SEO

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Basics of SEO

Post  rajivwebads on Sat Aug 25, 2012 5:20 pm

Here I'm providing my basic knowledge about SEO,if I 'm wrong anywhere then please correct my mistakes.

1 SEO is done for making a website visible in the major search engines like Google,Yahoo,Bing etc. and for improvement of its traffic,visibility and rankings in SERP of the major engines further which are listed above.

2 Two major practices are followed here -Off page and ON page Optimization Techniques

3 ON page SEO- deal with website itself in following manner
a) Placement of keywords
b) Meta tags,meta keywords(GOOGLE dont consider it ),content,sitemap,robots.txt,analytics setup for tracking and control of website
c) Keywords must be RELATED to the page we are placing upon.
d) Keyword density should be approx 3-4% enough
e) NEVER repeat keywords in title,meta keywords or anywhere on the site
f) URL optimization
g) URL re-written
h) Removal of iFrames,performing html validations etc

4)OFF page SEO deal with generating more & more backlinks ,hence includes -
a) Directory submission
b) Social Bookmarkings
c) Article submission
d) Blog commenting
e) Forums
f) RSS submission(in case of SEO of BLOG)
g) BLOG posting(relevant and unique content only)
h) LINK exchange
i)CLASSIFIEDS(IF you want to increase traffic)
REMEMBER to target the most important keywords each time will give results but EXCESS of using the same keyword may ban the site due to spamming

5)Healthy Tips
a)Do follow and NO follow links both are beneficial
b)There is no such things like benefits of SEO,In fact you are getting is itself good then why to run before advantages
c)Each method you follow for SEO (White hat ) do work equally .
c)To maintain ranking in search engines ,you need to perform off page continuously
d)Follow the ethical recommendations for best results .You cant get highest ranking overnight
f)DO create sitemap -one in xml(for web crawlers) and other in html (for visitors)
g)NOT to prefer any tool other than Google's tool for SEO .DO submission manually.
h)When beginning SEO for a site,try to capture the highest PR SMO sites first ,along with do follow
i)I am again emphasizing increasing the PR is not in our hand .We can just put fresh content ,increase traffic but PR depends how much your content is beneficial to other.
j)Dont go with false myths and conclusions Do become a regular reader of Google blog for more updates
k)No one is perfect but practice makes one thing easier-the ease of getting results
l)Do read blogs over internet for best practices,discuss in forums,here also ,your issues and lots of things you may want to ask in appropriate section


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Re: Basics of SEO

Post  malissa on Sat Jun 08, 2013 6:19 pm

Search engine optimization is a practical and effective solution to increase traffic to your website and makes your online business in sight. An important advantage of reference service is that you can create favourable sites for the visitors to your site.


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